San Francisco ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys to current standards.

Meridian has been providing ALTA surveys since 1982. Our clients include Attorneys, private & commercial entities, brokers, lenders and investors including Bank of America, Chevron, Professional Financial Investors. We prepare the ALTA survey in a clear, easy to understand format with both digital and hardcopy deliverables. Your ALTA will be delivered on time and on budget.

How much does an ALTA ACSM Land Title Survey cost and how long does an ALTA survey take?

Preparing an ALTA survey is a collaborative effort requiring close cooperation between the Title Company, Lender, Surveyor and Client. ALTA cost and timeline depend on the Legal description, easements, size, “Table A”, Lender Requirements and Certification language. In some cases a Record of Survey may be required under B&P 8762.

Your ALTA scope and cost is driven by the attached “Table A” checklist. That checklist has basic Items checked off. “Table A”’ items are optional & negotiable for each project but as a rule of thumb those checked items are the basic elements for a purchase or refinance. Note that each additional item you check on “Table A” adds time and cost. Scope is very different for a refinance ALTA vs new construction ALTA and we work with you and your team to help develop an appropriate scope.               

Supplemental lenders requirements (if any) must be disclosed during scope negotiations as they can directly affect “Table A”, certification language, time and cost. Sample of supplemental lenders requirements attached.

The current approved standard lender certification can be modified by agreement but in some cases the lender may also have a custom certificate which you must provide to the surveyor during negotiations as it may also alter “Table A” scope.

To make sure the process goes smoothly we have a sample client requirements checklist.

Why choose Meridian: Internet based Brokers, (in most cases operating illegally from out of state), may find you a cheap uninsured ALTA surveyor working out of his house when what you need for your due diligence is a fully insured Professional Land Surveyor with local knowledge and extensive experience.

Are there different types of ALTA surveys? Yes, ALTA surveys have different scopes and are described as:

  • Standard ALTA Surveys
  • California ALTA ACSM Land Title Survey
  • American Land Title Association Survey

Why do I need an ALTA survey?

Short answer: Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence; we are your boots on the ground; your Professional Land Surveyor is hired to confirm area, encroachments, easements, potential prescriptive easements, flood zone and other visible or known title issues that might affect your purchasing decision or price.

An ALTA may appear as just one more annoying purchase checklist item to you but it is very important.

You should allot sufficient time and resources to define a clear scope and then commission an experienced Professional Land Surveyor familiar with the area.

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