Drone Surveyor

Accuracy Requirements

Meridian works with your team to clearly define deliverables and accuracy requirements for the mission at hand.  Mr. Gray has a BS in Surveying and Photogrammetry, as well as extensive experience from projects domestically and abroad.  With this expertise we can recommend and implement the correct technology to meet project requirements, including the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones to quickly and accurately collect site data.


Our FAA certified drone pilot has experience piloting unmanned aircraft over urban and rural sites around the world.  Meridian has worked extensively throughout California, and abroad, utilizing both conventional photogrammetry techniques, as well as LiDAR for the City of San Francisco, and the Obyan Beach Resort in Saipan.  Past projects have included commercial apartment complexes, reservoir modeling linked to hydrographic, FERC transmission line surveys, as well as commercial plants and developments. To ensure professional survey grade results, true GNSS GPS is utilized for aerial control on the ground to guarantee precision accuracy. 

Traditionally, sites greater than 5 acres in size benefited financially from low altitude metric quality photogrammetry as it is more cost effective to map large areas from the air than on the ground.  With the introduction of drones as a surveying tool, aerial surveying is now available with short notice, and available at a reasonable price saving both time and money for large and smaller projects alike.

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