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Save Money — Our Professional Land Surveyor provides On-Going Expert Witness Claims Litigation Support and Mediation Services throughout California.

“I have worked with Meridian Surveying Engineering, Inc. for several years. They are true professionals, completing all jobs in a competent and timely manner. In addition, I regularly teach easement and boundary continuing education seminars, and have been most impressed to see the entire Meridian crew in attendance. In short, I highly recommend Stan Gray and Meridian for surveying and engineering work."

Len Rifkind, Esq.

MSE, INC provides on-going Expert Witness, Litigation Support and Mediation Services for cases requiring the expertise, education and experience of a California Professional Land Surveyor.

Our Principal, Stanley T. Gray, BS, PLS has provided support services for cases including accident scene documentation and analysis, photo analysis, slope analysis; dispute mediation, "standard of care issues", construction errors & omissions, encroachment and all types of Title, boundary and easement issues.

Services are available anywhere in the State of California and in most instances we can respond and mobilize survey crews within 48 hours or less if required.

Past cases include historical boundary retracements, exhibit preparation from ground based or historical aerial surveys and supporting legal services including mediation, deposition, testimony and appearances in a jury trial.

Color exhibits can be prepared and digital data and photos can be integrated to help clarify critical issues.

Our Principal holds a Bachelor of Science in Surveying and Photogrammetric Engineering from California State University at Fresno. That background, combined with over 20 years of personal day to day experience and the entire Meridian support team makes him uniquely qualified to assist in legal matters.

Education, Experience and Resources DO count and the Meridian Team and its Associates can help provide options and effective solutions. This translates into clear Professional advice saving the Client time and money.

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